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Hummer H2

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Hummer H2

Hummer H2 125ml. Eau De Toilette is a men's fragrance, oriental spicy, with a strong wood. Listen to the sounds of nature and alluring Go with enticing aromas of spices and rare woods, famous brand perfume Hummer! Early notes are given strong agreements pepper laced with notes of sandalwood. The originality of the perfume is unusual combination on notes of cardamom and leaves cimbru. Baza Hummer 2 Hummer fragrance is one hot and notes on patchouli, sensual amber and tonka bean. Hummer brand is known for huge and powerful cars, which have become very famous over timpului. Astazi Hummer brand also specializes in luxury perfumes that have the same characteristics as the famous cars: confident and strong! Aroma fragrance Hummer 2 offers a dose of energy with the finest ingredients from around the world! For explorers roads and fans of high speeds, for men stylish and daring, in 2005 was created the fragrance H2. This is a special perfume, which was created to emphasize the power and strength of cars Hummer H2. Provocative perfume H2 like a man with big life plans, purposeful and reliable, the wealthy ruler of women's hearts. From the first notes of flavor there is a smell of risk and long journeys, which attract the owner of perfume is not less than beautiful women. They are ready for everything to become the companion of an attractive man whose skin is impregnated with spicy fresh perfume.

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