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Hugo Boss XY

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Hugo Boss XY

Hugo Boss XY 100ml. Eau De Toilette for Men is a fragrance full of freshness, cold as ice, according to modern people who love freedom and movement. The fragrance has integrated new technology "Time Release" that makes smell to linger a long time. Beginning of fragrance notes were created from notes of bergamot and pear wood that continues with fresh mint and basil. The scent ends with notes of cedar, musk and patchouli. Hugo Boss Hugo XY can be used any time of the day. Experience the freshness of a charming fragrance, Hugo Boss Hugo XY! Hugo Boss is a provocative pair of opponents in the form of two new flavors: XY - for men, XX - for women. Bottles are made ​​in the form of cans of spray paint. Hugo XY fascinates with its own interpretation of the contemporary relationship between a man and a woman. The age-old struggle of opposites, the strength of their mutual attraction, harmonious relations, competition, and, of course, seduction! This gamble with fire and constant brinkmanship reflected in the new fragrance for men Hugo XY. Vast range of feelings from primitive instincts to light romanticism presented notes of citron, pear leaves, mint, bergamot, basil, Lebanese cedar and patchouli. Date flavor: woody oriental fragrance Top note: citron, pear leaves, mint note "Hearts": bergamot, basil Final note: Lebanese cedar, patchouli.

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