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Hugo Boss XX

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Hugo Boss XX

Hugo Boss XX 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a seductive cocktail for a woman who knows what she wants and is guided by her own rules. She is balanced, confident and unusually sensual. Slightly warm fruit-floral scent. For an elegant, confident woman. An ideal everyday fragrance, also suitable for special events. Introduction is filled with juicy litch, black currant and refreshing mandarin. After a while, a heart of elegant rose, jasmine and basmati rice develops, making the scent deeper and more sophisticated. In the base is a captivating combination of amber, sandalwood and musk, which remain on the skin for long hours. Hugo XX raises the motto: "Harmony is overestimated." The basis of modern relationships is no longer a complete reconciliation, but the contrast between difference and pure attraction. The smell, along with her counterpart, the male scent of Hugo XY, was launched in 2007. The composition, disarming with the first note is Hugo XX from Hugo Boss. A delightful fragrance says of the uniqueness, sexuality, strength, enchantment of its possessor and the unshakable power of women over the opposite sex and the world. This power is delicate and unobtrusive, but it is hardly possible to deny it. After all, it is the woman who gives life and without it the continuation of the family and development is impossible. The amazing composition of Hugo XX from Hugo Boss instantly envelops its owner with a cloud of marvelous aroma of mandarin, black currant and lychee. After a while the chords of jasmine, rice and roses come into play. Erotic end notes of toilet water are represented by amber, sandalwood and musk. This toilet water is chosen by confident and successful women. But their success is not just a matter of career. The ability to masterfully combine the hypostases of a business lady, a caring mother and daughter, a passionate lover and an excellent wife in the character of the owner of Hugo XX from Hugo Boss is laid down by genetics. All these images are in the female set of chromosomes - XX - and it is impossible to deceive nature.

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