Hugo Boss The Scent

Hugo Boss The Scent

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Hugo Boss The Scent

Hugo Boss The Scent 100ml. Eau De Toilette enchant the senses of women around you! This fragrance is the perfect place for refined seduction! Her intense and also very impressive aroma is very attractive and irresistible. Become a master of seduction with a unique masculine fragrance Hugo Boss The Scent! Preliminary ginger tones perfectly subdue your surroundings. Aphrodisiac fruit maninka enhances feelings of excitement. Animal Essence genuine leather smell deliver unprecedented sensuality. Perfume is hidden in a unique bottle with silver details. The bottle shines attractive amber fluid. Exceptional men's fragrance Hugo Boss The Scent was first launched in 2015. Hugo Boss The Scent is an irresistible and unforgettable aroma with flavors of seduction. He leaves a permanent mark in the minds of women and perfectly subdue them. Faced fragrance is a charismatic Hollywood actor Theo James, who is the quintessential man Boss The Scent. It is extremely confident with an embarrassed awareness of its charm. Admired women without their seduction too bothered. This fragrance is clearly able to awaken the senses. It can be described in one word - deception. It perfectly complements the image of a man who will never leave a woman indifferent. The meeting with him, she wants to repeat for a minute. East-woody fragrance created for a strong man who knows how to wake the bravest woman's feelings and is not afraid of it. Delicious notes of ginger, exotic sounding chords nontrivial Maninka supplemented courageous play of precious skin. Deep aroma tight to the skin, dissolves in the air and gives a long rich, but not intrusive sound of the toilet water. The amber fragrance enclosed in a bottle, which resembles a silver cage. The strength, dynamism and sensuality seek to break out of it.

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