Hugo Boss Pure Purple

Hugo Boss Pure Purple

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Hugo Boss Pure Purple

Hugo Boss Pure Purple 90ml. Eau De Parfum feminine fragrance that combines the energy and femininity. Flower Arrangement focuses on gourmet - so it is an unusual and memorable. Top notes of nectarine and cyclamen are bright with a freshness, energy and movement and awaken the senses. "Heart" of violets and black floral chord support feeling of complete freedom and independence. Base notes of marzipan and white suede give the flavor of innocence and sensuality at the same time. Supported noble amber notes, aroma envelops you unique, bright and modern aura. Modern flavor endless energy. Perfume Boss Pure Purple - It's the smell that excites passion and emotion. They are suitable for a woman who used to do everything for fun and enjoy every minute of life. Fragrance perfume combines gentle romance and femininity in one bottle. Inspired by French sweets and creating light sweet floral composition with fruit and enticing twist marzipan fashion house Hugo Boss in 2006, once again, produces a masterpiece, won the hearts of many inhabitants of the planet. Perfume Hugo Boss Pure Purple carry notes of almonds grown in the French countryside, sweet melon and candied orange. Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss Pure Purple become a unique perfume with a hint of marzipan, which is used in many modern flavor. It opens endless possibilities inspired by the exploits and arouse passion. And if you look at the ease of perfume and a nice addition to the image of a free-style suit or office, you can buy perfume Hugo Boss Pure Purple in our online store.

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