Hugo Boss Orange

Hugo Boss Orange

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Hugo Boss Orange

Hugo Boss Orange 75ml. Eau De Toilette is a fruity floral fragrance for women who want freshness and purity of mind. Enter the world of flowers and fruity flavors to get excited. Win a positive energy from a combination of freshness and elegance. An essentially fine woods and sweet vanilla that combine with sparkling notes of orange blossom and juicy apple. Dare to be yourself. Love fragrance Boss Orange and others will love you. Hugo Boss perfumes are very popular for both men and women. Get an aura of freshness and good mood. Do not be afraid to show who you really are and let the emotions go. Put value on freshness and purity. Choose fragrance Hugo Boss Boss Orange. Hugo Boss released fragrance Boss Orange, which will open a series of perfumes under the label Boss Orange, whose style is described as being more sporty than the rulers and Hugo Boss Black. Boss Orange odor described as "sensual and radiant," superbly suited to the style of casual bohemian chic with a touch of inherent actress Sienna Miller. In the same spirit will be carried out and the entire line of Boss Orange. Key notes in a composition: apple, orange blossom, jasmine, plum, white peach, vanilla, sandalwood, olive tree. Indulge your senses with an intense experience of luxury women's fragrance Hugo Boss Boss Orange! This exceptional Parfum is specially designed for the woman who wants the whole day feeling fresh and seductive. Extremely compelling combination of essences women's fragrance Boss Orange will accompany you at every turn!

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