Hugo Boss In Motion

Hugo Boss In Motion

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Hugo Boss In Motion

Hugo Boss In Motion 90ml. EDT The bottle is a crystal drop of water with a blue jewel shaped cap. Boss In Motion is a fragrance full of adrenaline, modern and dynamic, reflecting a life full of energy and safety. It is for the man who acts in the instinct at the right time, pushing boundaries and being able to overcome the challenges of life. Boss In Motion is a new fragrance for the confident man, mysterious and full of passion and energy. Emana active lifestyles, which is reflected in its actions - is ready to devote himself u all in the service, and leisure activities or moments spent with friends. 's, arguably male, loves competition and the times they enter the second round. The design is simple, offering maximum efficiency in using it regularly. Men's fragrance Boss in Motion - the embodiment of the refreshing power of sensual passion and active life of energy transmitted in rushing rich perfume composition. Boss in Motion - a modern East fragrance with bright citrus and woody-spicy notes, which was created by the brand Hugo Boss in 2002. Copyright fragrance perfumer Domitille Michalon. Hugo Boss Boss In Motion is an active, modern and dynamic fragrance that is literally pumped with adrenaline. It is designed for men who are guided by their instincts, pushing the boundaries and triumphs in life's challenges. Eau de Toilette Boss In Motion of himself exudes confidence, mystery and an active lifestyle. Head fragrance consists charismatic bergamot, fresh basil leaves and delicate violets. In the dynamic heart is hidden chord pink pepper, sweet cinnamon, cardamom energetic and nutmeg. Warm and solid foundation creates exotic sandalwood, vetiver and precious light touch of sensual musk.

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