Hugo Boss Hugo Energise For Men

Hugo Boss Hugo Energise For Men

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Hugo Boss Hugo Energise For Men

Hugo Boss Hugo Energise For Men 125ml. EDT is the new masculine fragrance launched by Hugo Boss, which gives you a feeling of absolute freshness. Hugo Boss Energise line addresses men who have their own opinions and the courage to live their lives according to their own rules, men who are able to defy the rules, promoting a sophisticated and elegant. He is a typical inhabitant of a modern city that defies tradition by showing a penchant for elegant casual style and the ability to recognize their own value. Personify scent that resonates with any mood to the smallest detail, representing man anchored in reality. HUGO energise is the latest, most vibrant male fragrance from HUGO by HUGO BOSS. Hugo energise is where attitude meets energy. It is the perfect antidote to the dull sameness of the daily grind. Hugo energise is the beating heart of the city, the gateway to thrilling sensations that are cool and effortless. The bottle is energetic, masculine and innovative, giving a unique usage experience. A memorable spicy and energising fragrance. Citrus top notes of mandarin and kumquat are present for a lively, fleeting moment at the first spray on the skin. Pungent pink pepper warms the fragrance - then cardamom and coriander add a stimulating powerful edge. A warm and stimulating heart of Cariander leaf, white fressia and Amyris Wood. The dry and sensual accord of the cocoa beans is the driving force of the fragrance.

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