Hugo Boss Deep Red

Hugo Boss Deep Red

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Hugo Boss Deep Red

Hugo Boss Deep Red For Women 90ml. EDP - Down with the rules! Hugo Boss Deep Red is the personification of women playing with rules-rules of seduction. This perfume has always been mysterious note from Hugo Boss portfolio. Hugo it best describes our determination that govern our daily lives. every flavor Hugo is a challenge, inspired by different situations and forms, everything is under the auspices of Hugo concept. Snazzy, impulsive and angry, annoying and exciting! 'Lady in Red' plays by its own rules, and does not expect gifts of fate. She always achieves that goal, works hard and skillfully resting it - real ... Do not try to decide for her what she needs, just ask her something that reflects her style of life. Top notes: pear, black currant, pepper, Calabrian clementine, orange-wren. Note 'heart': freesia, ginger flowers, pittosporum, hibiscus seeds. Final note: Californian cedar tree Missori, kashmeran, vanilla and musk. the fragrance was created under the name Deep Red Hugo Boss. This perfume trading house Hugo Boss has been announced as the composition belonging to the floral and fruity aromas groups. Deep Red Hugo Boss is designed for women. To the top note of the perfume can be attributed Klimentina chords, black currant, red orange, tangerine and pear. For heart notes were used shades of tuberose, freesia, ginger, hibiscus flower and ginger. Notes of sandalwood, cedar California, musk and vanilla are used as the basic chords.

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