Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited

Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited

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Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited

Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Perfect continuation collection of independent and modern fragrances for active and athletic men of almost all ages. Formula flavor is not full of complex transitions of shades, the authors have created an explosive flavor for your confidence and maximum internal concentration. Conquer the world and open up new peaks, those where not yet been, imagine the world is so large and interesting that even a lifetime is not enough to see and experience the uniqueness and beauty of the planet Earth. Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited - it is lifting restrictions for your creativity, this new contacts and your team of associates to achieve this goal. Modern perfume compositions using a new concise language, but sometimes, simplicity and naturalness of sound are crucial for your appeal. Try a new formula Hugo Boss, democratic and costs fragrance can become the choice of young and active people for sports and recreation, it is the perfect gift for a young man, and just a sign of attention on your part. it is incomparable, men's eau de toilette, which very quickly became popular among fans of perfumes Hugo Boss. The aroma has a strong character, a wonderful charm and energetic disposition. Going to face every young person who is energetic, full of energy, cheerful and young at heart. A force that is in the Bottled Unlimited, like breaks out and makes its possessor to create, move rhythmically, and do not stand still. The water will be virtually anytime, just does not matter where you go, it will look great as a date with a girl, and at work or an official meeting. The aroma released Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited in 2014, belongs to the family fern. Top notes - green notes. Medium - green notes. Basic - wood. This fragrance like a stylish and self-confident man who loves traveling and new experiences. Its owner - the ordinary person, preferring to surround himself with rare things and interesting people, striving to excel and are willing to risk to achieve their goals. Snow-white bottle decorated with black and green graffiti.

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