Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Hugo Boss Bottled Night

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Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Hugo Boss Bottled Night 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a woody scent with aromatic notes addressed to all men who want to feel seductively in the evenings ceremonial naturalization occasions. Men who love a challenge and nothing will stop them. Reach short of what they want. Scent will enchant you with her sensuality, energy and passion, and highlights your uniqueness and individuality. In the upper tones Soothes the scent of lavender and birch. Perfume composition is further developed to the flower heart, which consists of a single component - violet. Basis fragrance creates charismatic and masculine woody notes in connection with musk. In the bottle the color of the night sky is hidden masculine fragrance full of elegance and seduction, which for the first time she saw the light of day in 2010. Suitable for all seasons and is particularly suitable for men who want to express their sensual passion and externally. Try the secret weapon of seduction and become a toilet water Hugo Boss Boss No. 6 Bottled Night king of the night. Secret weapon can take many forms! One such example is the toilet water Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Night. Not for nothing in the flavor title contains the word "night". It was at night reveals all the colors of the perfume. The aroma of passion and sexuality plays all shades, opening like a flower, and speeding up the heartbeat of the owner. Created for young, energetic, for those whom life does not stand still, and the night - it is not only time to sleep. No less attractive and the appearance of the packaging and the bottle - deep blue color adjusts to the fact that it is absolutely not just a flavor! Eau immerses you in pleasant smells birch grove, with woody notes and musk. Treat yourself to a special charm, the perfect style to complete your vivid image!

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