Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense

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Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Once again, the British brand proves that classic immortal and will not for a long time to keep up with the zeitgeist. Updated fragrance Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense bypasses cheap glitter and empty pathos. It revealed a bunch of powerful emotions and strong character of these men. Top notes are woody-fruity cocktail excite the imagination, captivating smell receptors crunchy apples and intoxicating orange blossoms. Light notes of bergamot are refreshing and give strength for new achievements in the coming day. Spicy heart shines a combination of cinnamon, clove and geranium, enveloping its owner veil of romantic passion and desire. Neither a woman's heart can resist the charm of a man with Boss Bottled Intense aroma. Long-lasting, bright trail of toilet water will give you even more elegance in the eyes of others. Warm vanilla notes are merged into a single unit with vetiver and cedar Hawaiian, giving wood haze special character, changing depending on the mood of the owner. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to smell magnificently with courage and with the wonderful toilet water Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense. Hugo Boss Boss No.6 Bottled Intense is an intense spicy fragrance for the modern man who lives life to the fullest while the state remains down to earth. Scent successfully builds on the legendary classic Boss No.6 Bottled. In this new innovative design, however, it is fragrance Boss No.6 Bottled Intense more expressive, deep and masculine. Express your personality to the maximum with the fragrance Hugo Boss Boss No.6 Bottled Intense! Composition of the Hugo Boss fragrance Boss No.6 Bottled Intense is very elegant and attractive. Attention all women initially attracted fresh notes of lemon, which is wrapped in a thrilling orange blossoms. Everything adds a refreshing bergamot. Spicy heart conceals intense tones of cinnamon and cloves manly chords with geranium and rosewood. Base fragrance is composed of woody notes of olive tree, captivating cedar and exotic sandalwood. Scent of its seamless and perfectly captures the contrasts thus adapts to your style.

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