Hermes Voyage d'Hermes

Hermes Voyage d'Hermes

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Hermes Voyage d'Hermes

Hermes Voyage d'Hermes 100ml. Eau De Toilette - French fashion house Hermes gives his fans a modern universal amulet for protection against bad taste. Fresh, light, extremely attractive perfume Hermes Voyage d'Hermes , perfumed from the bottle-present flask traveler disclosed confidence and elegant simplicity. Jean-Claude Ellena , perfumer fashion house Hermes , created a fragrance playing on paradoxes: perfume Hermes Voyage d'Hermès does not smell no trees, no flowers, no any single ingredient - it excites the ambiguity and uncertainty, such alluring and unpredictable. Energetic, encouraging fragrance has a bright, non-intrusive character, arousing inspiration and giving new sensations and desires. This fragrance was created for two: its multifaceted sound harmoniously for both men and women. The new unisex fragrance from the house Hermes - Voyage d'Hermes, created by renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Hermes House publishes eponymous passionate dedication to his hobby and passion - fragrance called Voyage d'Hermes. What should be the nature of the spirits intended for avid travelers, explorers and lovers of cruises? Of course, it should be bright. On must awaken memories of a recent visit to the town, or to return the comfort and warmth of a family home, it should inspire and give new dreams. Voyage d'Hermes was created to remind that expensive for you! Composition of fresh shades of white wood and musk.

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