Hermes Kelly Caleche

Hermes Kelly Caleche

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Hermes Kelly Caleche

Hermes Kelly Caleche 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a wonderful perfume, whose creators have done everything possible to smell so wonderful become a true work of art. And I must say, it is perfectly managed, because this amazing perfume composition is simply impossible not to fall in love. It is important to remember that during the summer and winter colors of this flavor lose their luxury, but because of the amazing and unique smell, it turns into one of the usual solutions, of which, to date, set. But in the autumn and springtime it opens fully, shining splendor and bright colors like shrouding its owner warm, soft scarf is unobtrusive, which in this case, does not lose its brightness, even after prolonged use throughout the day. New French flavor Kelly Caleche, Hermes House created for sophisticated, modern women. Its basis is the smell of leather, which absorbed the flavors of exotic flowers. Flavor is enclosed in the same bottle as the original perfume Caleche, because it is devoted to them Hermes Kelly Caleche. Perfume cap supplemented the original decor, reminiscent of an element of the bag. First Hermes created a floral-leather scent. Saturated chords found in citrus top notes of the fragrance, which gradually pass into his foundation. His "heart" - a wonderful union of unique music. The smell of leather combined with iris and mimosa, tuberose interwoven with vetiver and lily of the valley.

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