Hermes Eau Claire Des Merveilles

Hermes Eau Claire Des Merveilles

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Hermes Eau Claire Des Merveilles

Hermes Eau Claire Des Merveilles 100ml. Eau De Parfum is like a magic love potion, which can be indulge at will. The fragrance is designed for modern, confident and passionate women who want to be the center of attention and love to manipulate the minds of others. Head fragrance Eau Claire des Merveilles create a glamorous floral tones that penetrate to the very heart of the perfume. Here hides boldly seductive aroma of ambergris. An interesting period at the end creates a captivating and warm chords of wood which adds an exciting contrarily sweet vanilla. This charming ladies' perfume by Hermes is suitable to be worn throughout the day on a romantic date. Dive into the magic potion sensuality and Enchant your surroundings with unmistakable aroma Hermes Eau Claire des Merveilles! At the heart of the perfume it hides a very imaginative and yet delicate scent of violets tender, which will fool your senses and energizes them to recognize something new. Delicate violet adds a specific smell of cedar mysterious charges you with positive energy. The world of luxury perfumes will open to you along with the scent of Hermes Eau Claire des Merveilles. This oriental scent is truly unique. It is impossible to forget. If the only time you are lucky enough to use scent to them - you can not forget it. The aroma is very thin and delicate as if barely perceptible veil on his shoulders. Envelops first citrus and aldehydes, then gradually attracts powdery floral notes and hints, and in the completion of amber, moss and cedar. Hermes. Magic Water Claire - a journey into the fantastic world. It fulfills all the desires and dreams. Not for nothing on the packaging shows a shimmering flying horse Pegasus from Greek mythology. He will show the way to the incredible accomplishments, fascinating events and incredible ease!

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