Guess Suede For Men

Guess Suede For Men

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Guess Suede For Men

Guess Suede For Men 75ml. EDT passionate men's fragrance embodies Suede lifestyle from Guess. Unmatched classic whose image is laid out and aligned to the smallest touches and details. natural charm and sophisticated chic - that's calling card Suede. He - a born esthete. with the sense of taste and style. Strong and confident. sensual and sexy Suede to match its owner. Modern character of the fragrance is composed of oppositions: fresh water sound of citrus fruit on a background of warm oriental tones. French Lavender and exotic spices emphasize masculinity and sexuality added. Peruvian balsam. luxurious suede and rare precious wood species added the finishing touches to complete the image. The composition of bergamot. Mandarin. pineapple. lavender. sage. nutmeg. cardamom. sandalwood. Peruvian balsam. mahogany. suede. wood shades. Beautiful perfume addressed stylish courageous young people who live in the modern big city. Fragrance Guess Suede is a unique universal day scent that can be worn on any occasion. You can dress them up for a business meeting - and immediately feel the hundreds of enthusiastic views of colleagues, and your partners will appreciate guaranteed your excellent taste. Put flavor on a romantic evening with a girl - and she's crazy will be in your arms after discovering this fragrant masterpiece. Guess Suede Eau refers to coset flavors. It can not be described by a single word, as in the composition and wood have chords and notes of fruit and spice. Such an interesting ensemble like those men who are accustomed to diversity in all areas of their lives. They are active and easily taken up a new business, let it be a new project at work or a new job altogether.

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