Guess Seductive I'm Yours

Guess Seductive I'm Yours

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Guess Seductive I'm Yours

Guess Seductive I'm Yours 75ml. Eau De Parfum - a novelty in 2011 - an incredible fragrance for women, which will enchant you with its floral-oriental fragrance. Its pleasant transparent bottle of pink perfume inside is like a jewel. In addition, he decorated the suspension as a golden heart. For lovers of bright sunny flavors perfect fragrance Guess Seductive. Mysterious and playful perfume Guess Seductive I'm Yours evokes dreams of distant islands, of romantic dreams, the endless blue sea and endless clear sky. Melody fragrance Guess Seductive I'm Yours will charm you with a combination of Caribbean music magnolia, passion fruit, gardenia from Tahiti, musk, vanilla and wood. Oriental floral fragrance for women 2011. by Pierre Negrin . Buyers speak about this flavor differently. A lover of perfume - very sensual, moderately sweet and not at all stuffy, great for creating a romantic mood positively, especially in winter. Another woman - a copy of Glow after Dark, Night, powdery, enveloping, mysterious and intriguing woody floral, but very cold for a warm summer night. Another nutty perfume lady - sweet, bluff, loopback not enough and monotonous. Guess Seductive I'm Yours - buy and try! Buy perfumes and vote their flavor and quality appreciated. Guess perfumes are a luxury accessory for the right man and seductive women. On Lovers of fresh spicy aroma and a sweet romance fans as a sensual oriental tones. Everybody can choose regardless of age or life direction. If you stand on prestige and resonant brand name, the extremely high quality and endurance of smell and of course the beautiful design bottle definitely a luxury brand Guess love. Fall in love with her perfume, which bears the name Seductive I'm Yours. Along with a lovely hint of sweet fruit, vanilla and lovely flowers get incredibly high self-esteem and desire to emerge from the crowd and become admired and desired. Perfume Guess it is an investment that you will return many times!

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