Guess Seductive Homme

Guess Seductive Homme

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Guess Seductive Homme

Guess Seductive Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette - it is the magnetic force of seduction, hidden sexuality and playful attitude that makes a man so charming and irresistible, that before it is simply impossible to resist! Song: cardamom, mandarin, pink pepper, vanilla orchid, crushed violet leaves, vetiver, amber, sandalwood, musk and patchouli. One of the amazing flavors of the famous designer perfume from the U.S. Guess. Eau de Toilette for men Guess Seductive Homme belongs to the family of oriental woody smells. Guess the designers included in the composition of toilet water notes of violet leaves, patchouli, amber, musk, orchid, pink pepper, mandarin and green cardamom, which just creates a vivid picture of the senses. Fragrance is so attractive that he seems familiar from childhood and release it is to lose something close and important. He fall in love with from the first minute and remains in memory forever. Heart notes of vanilla orchid, crushed violet leaves, vetiver. Base notes: amber wood, creamy sandalwood, leather musk, patchouli. GUESS Seductive Homme symbolizes all confident, active men who are successful and know what they want from life. Seductive Homme perfume is characterized by its pure and refined flavors that accentuate your natural charisma and personal charm. Home Guess Seductive Homme fragrance is composed of juicy chords sweet mandarin, pink pepper contradictory and intense cardamom. At the heart of the chords are fresh vetiver and seductive blooming orchids. Tickets violet perfectly combines the very foundation of the scent, which is composed of exotic patchouli, warm sandalwood, musk and precious amber sunny. Luxury men's perfume brand Guess is specially designed for all-day wear. Express your personality and give show off your style with the unmistakable scent of men's GUESS Seductive Homme! Scent is hidden in the original glass bottle timeless design with clean lines that perfectly express the crystalline freshness fragrance Seductive Homme from Guess.

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