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Guess Night Access

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Guess Night Access

Guess Night Access 100ml. Eau De Toilette is elegant and a little mysterious male fern fragrance from brand Guess. Perfume is the new version of the fragrance Guess Night 2013. Flanker 2014 found Bole original, exotic touch, he invites to travel and even adventure. Exotic and refreshing composition created the famous duo Antoine Lee and Francis Kurkdjian. It opens with soft, spicy notes of saffron, a little bitter Florida grapefruit and Malaysian elemi. Softwoods, slightly smoky flavor elegant cedar and sweet, minty, with bright green notes of geranium smell form the heart of the fragrance and slowly transformed into a beautiful aromatic trail of warm notes of patchouli leaves, sweetish black vanilla and spicy-smoky tonka bean. A new fragrance for men from Guess, develops the theme of last year's edition Guess Night. Guess Night perfume line is inspired by electronic music and nightlife. The new edition also includes an element of challenge and the spirit of adventure. Especially for those who can not imagine their life without noisy get-togethers is dedicated: an updated version of the toilet water released brand Guess, please men memorable and original sound. To create a gorgeous perfume served as the basis for an adventure theme, because the night life is fraught with so much unknown. Wood-fern bouquet is filled with the various components of the game, and very unusual and memorable. For example, the sound of fragrance begins with music Malaysian ale, accompanied by a warm and juicy grapefruit and pleasant, refined saffron. In order to get some rest from the energetic dancing want to go outside and get some fresh air. Chords green geranium and citrus modulations provide you with freshness and coolness.

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