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Guess Girl

Guess Girl 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Guess is releasing a new fragrance called Guess Girl. Aroma commemorates the 30th anniversary of the brand Guess. Guess Girl - this floral fruity fragrance, created by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of International Flavors & Fragrances. Top notes of the composition is dominated by shades of raspberry fruit, melon and bergamot. Heart presented floral bouquet of Brazilian orchid, lily acacia and olive. A soft and creamy base consists of Australian sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. Guess Girl from Guess - fragrance, belongs to a family of flowers and fruit. Start of production: 2013. Perfume: Laurent Le Guernec. This seductive composition offers a delicious duet with melon and raspberry tart freshness of bergamot, leaving, they give way to the seductive bouquet of Brazilian orchids, fragrant acacia and white lily, and base blend of soft colors Madagascar vanilla and Australian sandalwood. Perfume is designed for girls and young women and embodies the youthful spirit and sex appeal. Pyramid Guess Girl : top notes - raspberries, melon, bergamot. Heart - orchid, white lily, acacia. Base - Australian sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla. female seductive floral-fruity perfume 2013. format toilet water from Laurent Le Guernec , dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the brand. Glamorous women's fragrance Guess Girl was at its inception, inspired by those sexiest women of the world fashion scene. The fragrance captures the idea - "Why walk in the crowd when you show your personality?" Scent of a youthful, flirty and very sexy. It is inspired by women like Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe. Beginning fragrance Guess Girl is formed with a refreshing blast of sweet melon, bergamot captivating and exciting raspberries. At the heart of the hidden essence seductive orchid, lily and sensual tones of unique flowering acacias. The basis scents permeate the chords warm sandalwood and vanilla charming.

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