Guerlain Homme Intense

Guerlain Homme Intense

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Guerlain Homme Intense

Guerlain Homme Intense 80ml. Eau De Parfum is deeply sensual fragrance for men. It symbolizes mystery, elegance and charm. Perfect way it combines opposites, thus ensuring a balanced composition. Perfume Homme Intense will affect your surroundings captivating and exciting impression. In the very opening scent will immediately enchant fresh and unique chords and delicate peppermint leaves of rhubarb flavored with a drop of rum. After a while rozvoní dainty floral bouquet of geranium. The exotic base are sensual aromatic notes of patchouli, cedar and sparkling charismatic vetiver. This manly and sophisticated perfume by Guerlain is perfect for wearing to the company on a romantic date. Men's perfume Guerlain Homme Intense is a mysterious fragrance that seduces your senses. A year after the successful presentation of Guerlain Homme trading house Guerlain has released an enhanced version of a favorite of many perfume. Updated fragrance became richer, brighter and more powerful than its predecessor, although his music notation composition has not changed. It starts song with a rather sharp chords blue mint and rhubarb, which accentuate and mitigated the increased dose of rum, combined with floral notes of pelargonium. The final chord favor woody scents Egyptian vetiver, patchouli and Virginian cedar. The rectangular bottle made of heavy, massive glass has an attractive shape and its color scheme (dark vial and the clear cap) embodies the contradictory nature of the perfume, which combines rough sharpness and mysterious sweetness. release Date: 2009 Country of origin: France Gender: Male fragrance classification: wood fern initial note: blue mint, rhubarb note "hearts": floral notes of geranium, rum final note: Egyptian vetiver, patchouli, Virginia cedar.

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