Gucci Rush 2

Gucci Rush 2

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Gucci Rush 2

Gucci Rush 2 EDT 75ml. - Essence is bright like the sun, like a seductive invitation to all inclined to sin, exudes a sense of cool-electric, an example of conflicting emotions: hot and fresh, hot and cold, strong and gentle. Who is the Gucci Rush 2? The answer is ambitious women of all ages, who appreciate quality and originality. For women who know what they want and are able to express their feelings and emotions. Clear, transparent and lively flavor with a distinctive note of greenery. Light, floral, delicate, trembling and sexy delightful bouquet of flowers. Irresistible fragrance playing opposite feelings: hot and cold, hot and soft, delicate and strong, clean and sensual. Sensual combination of narcissus and musk, insidious and addictive. Bright and sexy scent with many facets. Refreshing and invigorating bouquet of flowers and green notes of narcissus, lily, freesia, gardenia, blackcurrant, musk palm tree and perfect for daytime use. This fragrance Gucci emotions overwhelms you: sensual, touching, and at the same time refreshing, it is associated with the club life, with nightly entertainment, new acquaintances. Rush 2 - the mystery of the feminine soul, is a continuation of the present: the mysterious and exciting, without which the future.

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