Gucci Premiere

Gucci Premiere

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Gucci Premiere

Gucci Premiere 75ml. Eau De Parfum is a refined scent, his name being given by Gucci clothing collection, launched in 2010, immediately winning the admiration of the world. Premiere perfume has been designed to complement the clothing collections. It is a very feminine fragrance, the floral tones mixed with precious wood accents. Unique essence fragrance Gucci Premiere was designed especially for women who love refined flavors distinct and harmonious, long-lasting, evoking feminine side. Gucci Premiere is wearing a metal bottle extremely appealing. Brilliant copper coin is meant to attract attention, like the fragrance itself. Due to the attractive design, refined essence and famous brand Gucci Premiere will take any elegant woman. You will delight with every opportunity that you'll wear the right at any time and regardless of your mood or the season. Harmony of narcotic flowers, fine notes of exotic woods and precious skin tones will highlight your sensual nature, class and mystery that will not let any man regardless. In the first moments you feel strong essence of bergamot, whose intensity will be caressed by delicate tones of orange blossoms. Gradually, essences full of freshness will be replaced by fine tones of musk, wrapped in purity of white flowers. Base notes are designed to give the impression of sensual and magical attraction, being dominated by agreements soft leather and wood. Gucci perfumes have become worldwide expression of luxury and elegance. Amazing compositions of flowers, fruits and rare ingredients are hidden in bottles with a very attractive design. Delightful flavor is appreciated especially in the winter months. However Gucci brand aims to conquer the whole world by its delicate and refined tones.

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