Gucci Guilty Intense

Gucci Guilty Intense

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Gucci Guilty Intense

Gucci Guilty Intense 30ml. Eau De Parfum - Trading house Gucci continued its famous line of fragrances Gucci Guilty. Now perfumers famous brand women pleased oriental floral fragrance, whose name - Gucci Guilty Intense. This heady perfume is designed specifically for women who know a lot about the beauty and wisdom of the east, it envelops you and the surrounding haze of mystery, intrigue and mystery. Connoisseurs will also have to taste the gentle interweaving notes of violet, heliotrope and lily of Casablanca in the heart of the fragrance with subtle notes of patchouli and amber in its loop. Gucci Guilty Intense - choice of subtle, but strong-minded women - in eastern wisdom that clearly emphasize the initial notes of coriander and lemon. And thanks to the soft trail of patchouli and amber your presence at any party will not go unnoticed. Feel the breath of spicy summer night with Gucci Guilty Intense! Gucci of Guilty Intense , meet vivid emotions, feelings and crazy carnival inside you. This elixir turn the head overnight, and here you are already struggling to control what is happening for you in the power of feelings and emotional euphoria. Perfumes perfected and honed flavor in every drop. Of Gucci of Guilty Intense is the rapid development, it is one of the most important factors affecting the success of your indispensable. Aroma is saturated shades of lilac, that certainly evokes romantic feelings of love and desire; pink pepper warms desires and inflame feelings leads to the climax; special makeup oriental spices of the highest quality not only provides an exotic trail, full of fabulous shades of aromas secret ceremonies and rituals of love, and admiration for you. With the new Gucci Guilty Intense you get into the wonderful world of high feelings, but without your beauty, without a living emotion, without merry laughter and gentle overflow your voice any one flavor will not be able to make such a dizzying effect. Only your love, your passion and your beauty will be the ones with bright colors that represent the new perfume masterpiece.

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