Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin

Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin

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Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin

Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin 100ml. Eau De Toilette- The collection of Flora by Gucci optimistic, bright and cheerful scent Glorious Mandarin occupies perhaps a special place. After its creation was inspired by the legendary flowers scarf created in the House of Gucci for Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. Rich sparkling perfume fragrance structure Glorious Mandarin fills its possessor good mood, joy and a sense of happiness. Flora by Gucci gucci Glorious Mandarin - the scent of flowers and fruit group for women who love surprises and adventure. The new fragrance presented in 2012 by perfumer Karine Dubreuil. As part of the bouquet - top notes of mandarin and peony, heart notes of jasmine and favorite female cocktail "Pina Colada" base notes of musk, amber and a little wood. For many, I must say, this combination was unexpected. However expensive perfume note that the composition is very soft, warm and light. Initially, the body attached bright citrus, later revealed the extent of sweetish floral notes. A combination of coconut and pineapple with jasmine, contrary to stereotypes, not sickly sweet and gentle. And for the ladies who appreciate the versatility, we can offer a unisex scent  Philly Phill & Grey. It is the perfect way to instantly improve your mood and satisfy every day bright and fresh chords. This award-winning line of perfume is cheerful scents from Gucci, each of which is full of scents of natural energy and strength. His rich modulations become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the successful implementation of the most ambitious projects, and help patient and optimistic perceive the possible obstacles. The composition Gucci Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin embodies sensuality blossoming flowers and vigorous breath of a summer morning. It opens with fresh citrus haze, while the sweet sound of mandarin, gradually transforming into an even more attractive chords. Central overflow fragrance - a blend of floral notes and aroma cocktail "Pina Colada" flavoring playfulness. Gentle breath of white musk completes the sophisticated composition, designed to reveal the character of a strong and loving a beautiful woman's life.

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