Gucci Flora Generous Violet

Gucci Flora Generous Violet

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Gucci Flora Generous Violet

Gucci Flora Generous Violet 100ml. Eau De Toilette is an expression of sensuality and freedom. Dusty fragrance essences with overflowing water tones to give you the freshness you need and make your daily life more enjoyable. Euphoric and sophisticated composition with a bit of a certain creativity. Gucci Flora by Gucci Generous Violet is a woman's toilet water that differs from the usual scents with its tones. It can be especially violet, suede or orris. A combination of delicious ingredients to give you a sparkling look at life. Embrace a rich bouquet of flowers that you will not lose. Due to the contained violet, it is not surprising that the Gucci Flora Gucci Flora Gucci Gucci by Gucci Generous Violet has a pure purple bottle. Hexagonal body featuring elegant elegance. Unique, transparent smell for forgetting all the bad and for long lasting intensity. In 2012, the new fragrance series The Garden Collection debuted from the Italian fashion house Gucci. There are five bright floral fragrances, among which the most tranquil and tender is Flora by Gucci Generous Violet. The noble violet, the main heroine of perfume, is distinguished by femininity and refinement, her gentle sounding will emphasize the charm of a young romantic girl. Familiar for the series Flora by Gucci faceted bottle with a gentle lilac liquid is decorated with an exquisite black bow, and the package is decorated with a black and white print of violets. Bouquet Flora by Gucci Generous Violet belongs to the classes of woody-musky and floral scents. The initial velvety chord of the skin is filled with nobility and warmth. Gradually the aroma becomes softer and fills with the delicate sweetness of violets. A nice powdery shade of perfume is given to the notes of the root of the iris. In the end, the composition reveals a fresh and slightly tart sound of the violet petals.

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