Gucci Envy Me

Gucci Envy Me

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Gucci Envy Me

Gucci Envy Me EDT 100ml. is floral fruity aroma, pleasing the senses. Essence seductive with a playful spirit and challenging new image is Gucci Envy Women. It is irresistible and extremely sexy, featuring a luxurious indulgence, a source of pleasure and magic attraction. Woman appreciate this flavor is one that says: 'Look at me, want me, envy me! ". Gucci Envy Me is a sign of attention and a challenge. Anyway you look at it, this product will affect you liked all the senses. fragrance for women from the famous fashion house Gucci, which is one of the most prestigious, influential and widely recognizable fashion brands in the world. Envy Me was released in 2004 and supplemented the family floral fruit flavors. Copyright bouquet - perfumer Karine Dubreuil. Checkered and sparkling floral composition opens the complexity and depth of sound initial notes of peony, pineapple, pink pepper, leaves and buds of black currant, peach, jasmine and mango. Heart note fills composition scents of peony, musk, white tea, pomegranate, lychee, jasmine and rose. Precious base notes of sandalwood, teak wood, musk, tonka bean and tobacco give loop truly magical fragrance. Gucci Envy Me is irresistible musky fragrance for young sexy woman. Fragrance will bring luxurious indulgence, refreshing source of pleasure you and give you a magical attraction. The unique combination of aromatic essences is specially created for women who want to be in the limelight. Gently aromatic notes of peony and jasmine are provocatively tuned and seasoned with red pepper. This playful combination of danceable and full of positive confident mood. The heart of this fragrance is masterfully blended with the purest essences of sweet fruit and refreshing white tea. Base fragrance is composed of sandalwood and teak. In conclusion miss the smell intoxicating dose of sensual musk.

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