Gucci Eau De Parfum

Gucci Eau De Parfum

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Gucci Eau De Parfum

Gucci Eau De Parfum 75ml. is a luxurious, oriental, spicy fragrance. This perfume is more suitable for wearing on colder days, ideally rough times in the days of autumn and the cold days of winter. Immediately upon opening the smell attracts its light floral aroma which give the velvety softness of vanilla. Accents thrilling scent of flowers, iris and heliotrope are so pleasantly mild. Drop fresh scent then add accents of orange blossom. A unique, however, is Eau de Parfum, thanks to a flood of various spices, which gives its characteristic scent, oriental character. Significant is mainly aroma of thyme and cumin. Combining aroma of flowers and spices so it created a unique scent, which is in itself quite a unique experience. Perfume is a velvety floral and spicy at the same time thanks to the base animal. The smell is so undeniable essence of sexuality and femininity. Like all Gucci perfumes in itself, however, this hides the smell of elegance and refinement. It combines pure nature and sleek grace. Eau de Parfum fragrance perfectly captures every woman. Art combine the pure, natural sensuality with a perfect sense of taste and style, is the domain of women. And that's what symbolizes this perfume. This fragrance Gucci will become a necessary complement to a woman who is elegant and graceful, but wants to let the world know that it can also be incredibly sexy. Fragrance Eau de Parfum is a very luxurious and special fragrance. It's so perfect for any special occasion, which traordinariness able to continue to intensify. Its winner will be unforgettable.

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