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Gucci Bamboo

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Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo 75ml. Eau De Parfum reflects the seductive femininity, confidence and strength. Like bamboo can grow in extreme conditions and resistant to environmental influences, can in itself every woman to find the inner strength unsurpassed. Perfume Gucci Bamboo was specially created for the modern woman and symbolizes the diversity of feminine beauty. Gucci Bamboo scent is intense, delicate and elegant. Ladies fragrance Gucci Bamboo represents all the different sites women like femininity, confidence, wit, strength and tenderness. This unique floral-woody composition of fragrance initially opens with refreshing notes of bergamot. Subsequently enchants lovely ylang-ylang, a heady lily and orange blossom. Undertones tinged scent of woody atmosphere of sandalwood and amber sunny. Everything is accompanied by sweet vanilla. Gucci Bamboo is subtle, intense and at the same time sensual composition. Bottle combines finesse and sensitivity with distinctive features. Glass diamond-shaped with a translucent pinkish lotion instantly captivate you. Narrow the bottle cap reveals the unmistakable contours of bamboo in a shiny silver finish. Gucci Bamboo scent was launched in spring 2015. This season, perfumers, apparently, decided to be inspired by Eastern countries with their propensity for minimalism and austerity. Perfume Gucci Bamboo turned Oriental multifaceted, but gentle and delightful. You dare to try on the elegant image and appear mysterious stranger, after which turn men? Then get to know him better! Ringing and intriguing note of bergamot - the only thing that you meet, discovering Gucci Bamboo. But even this is more than enough, because it immediately gives a clear and transparent public image of the fragrance, and creates a good basis for the "heart" of notes. But here we have - the royal lily, with its slightly heavy oriental flair combines with ylang-ylang and orange flowers barely audible in the background. Perfume covers the wave of purity and inspiration, tranquility and the setting up on the hill. The final accent of tropical vanilla, amber and sandalwood creates a mystical and delightful trail that makes you feel like a real woman - sensual, mysterious and desirable!

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