Givenchy Xeryus Rouge

Givenchy Xeryus Rouge

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Givenchy Xeryus Rouge

Givenchy Xeryus Rouge 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a classic men's fragrance, created a popular brand Givenchy in 1995. Fragrance Givenchy Xeryus Rouge dedicated true love, memories of which do not fade with age. Even the packaging flavor Xeryus Rouge talking about it with their rich red tones. Red at all times served as the color of passion, desire, power and love. Initial notes Givenchy Xeryus Rouge surprised by its harmony, based on the harmony of spicy green shades kumquat, cactus and spicy tarragon. Fragrance notes enhanced "heart" Xeryus Rouge - cedar leaf and bitter African geranium. a unique flavor and intoxicating sensual encounters. Its owner is the epitome of freedom and adventure, but his strong character hides behind the warm, passionate and sensual emotions. At the same time fresh and warm, oriental, woody fragrance opens green freshness, nobly contrasting with warm and intense notes of "heart". Sensual "base" consists of animalistic notes. Courageous, seductive, warm, sensual Year: 1995 Top notes: kumquat, cactus, tarragon. Notes "Hearts": cedar, red pepper, geranium. Final notes: cedar, white musk and sandalwood. The aroma of passion, the smell of which remains forever in the memory. Xeryus Rouge similar to red roses, harbingers of love; colors associated with passionate songs and dances for centuries. Live sparkling important note - the fusion of green kumquat flavors (spicy Chinese mandarin), cactus and tarragon, which enhances the lively and tonic charm "heart" in which the breath of warm scents of cedar leaf and slightly bitter flavor of the African geranium. Sensual trail is composed of cedar wood and sandalwood that bring nobleness and authenticity of flavor, and the consent of the sensitive and sensual notes of white musk.

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