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Givenchy Play Sport

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Givenchy Play Sport

Givenchy Play Sport 100ml. Eau De Toilette is dedicated to the Summer Olympic Games in London. The face of the fragrance, as well as the entire campaign series Givenchy Play , is a popular American singer Justin Timberlake - the embodiment of the energy of youth and modernity. Perfume Givenchy Play Sport is new sports and refreshing version of the popular men's fragrance Play , released under the brand Givenchy in the 2008th year. This fragrance covers its wearer an incredible wave of freshness, energy and adrenaline, giving a perfect sense of freedom and endless possibilities. A key ingredient of the whole series of fragrances Play is wood amyris. - This emphasis is enriched with pepper in the heart of this fragrance is the sports version. - Explosion freshest fragrance of mint, ginger, bergamot and lemon leaves filled with top notes of perfume and musk base notes give it a contemporary sound. Givenchy Play Sport is a new sports and refreshing version of the successful men's fragrance Play 2008 by Givenchy. Givenchy Play Sport brings a wave of incredible freshness, adrenaline and energy and provides a valuable sense of freedom. Face of the fragrance is a famous pop singer Justin Timberlake. Unique to the entire line of PLAY is note timber amyris combined with pepper. In the top notes of bergamot, mint, ginger and lemon leaves of the tree. The final elegant Musk bar represents the actual modern style. The aroma released in 2012. This version invigorating men's fragrance Givenchy Play, and submit it again will be Justin Timberlake. Top notes are refreshing mint, ginger, bergamot. At the heart of the composition - lemon leaves, wood. Black pepper and musk complete the harmony. At this time, the snow-white bottle. Play Sport is my favorite of the moment. Yes it is a fragrance for men. And yes, I love it.

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