Givenchy Play for Her Intense

Givenchy Play for Her Intense

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Givenchy Play for Her Intense

Givenchy Play for Her Intense 75ml. Eau De Parfum - Brash, aggressive, memorable fragrance for women Givenchy Play Intense, which acts as the main note extract timber amyris. His perfectly complement the floral and woody notes, the whole creates a dynamic fragrance designed for urban fashionistas. In the top notes fragrant orange blossom, peach, in the heart of magnolia and orchid heard. "Freshen" this flower cocktail notes of sandalwood and tonka bean. Released, in 2010. Warm fragrance Play for Her Eau de Parfum Intense exudes a deep sensuality and promises dizzying pleasant change. Life became a game for a long time, sometimes for survival, sometimes just for fun. We have all become unwitting participants in the great game. Our lives changed technological progress, modern women have received great benefits for the full development and self-realization. Fashion house Givenchy, offers a modern and advanced girls new fragrance Givenchy Play for Her Intense, in this case version is called Play Intense aroma has a more vivid sound, richer composition. Meaning fragrance  Givenchy Play for  Her Intense - this is our interpretation of the rhythms, it's an emotional flow, is a fairy tale come true, this is your inner world expressed by the language of modern fragrance elite class .. "tree" heart of the fragrance in the form amyris adds Givenchy depth and severity. Orchid lures in the world of love and unbridled passion, and sandalwood and patchouli make a situation comparable to this mysticism. Intrigue and provocation, flirt and play feeling that somehow sounds in the notes ultra flavor. If you are willing to give his feelings, if love is music for you from the depths of the soul. More sensuality and passion! Even more bright and vibrant flavor! Play For Her Intense - a luxurious mix of floral, spicy and woody notes, created a stylish, dynamic and self-confident resident of the city. Charming and captivating Play For Her Intense created for those who appreciate every moment of your life, do not lose time in vain, but never deny yourself the pleasure to stop and enjoy the wonderful moment.

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