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Givenchy Pi

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Givenchy Pi

Givenchy Pi  100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fresh masculine fragrance, which was launched in 1998. Tap into the power of nature. Be daring and modern man worthy of admiration around. Enter the world of heady aromas of precious wood and exotic flowers. Join the waterfall freshness toilet water Givenchy Pi. Manly essence of herbs and almonds combined with sweet and refreshing mandarin, gives each man a sense of strength and determination to go for his goal. Significant woody notes emerging at the end of scents will delight your senses for a long time. Drop your inhibitions and take to the smell of manhood. Perfume French brand Givenchy, please luxurious design flasks and unusual, highly distinctive scents, became world famous in the mid last century. Become a real man with an intense and overwhelming fragrance Givenchy Pi. The smell, which is selected extraordinary personalities who do not want to be "like everyone else" and who can stand out from the crowd. Fragrance unique, holiday aroma and self-confidence, strength and the smell of victory. Top notes are disclosed organically picked up a bitter-spicy cocktail of basil and sage, the aroma of freshly cut green galbanum and rosemary, heat the smell of wood tar, mild tenderness, orange blossom, neroli and nasturtium. At Givenchy Pi perfumers using only natural ingredients, it makes the flavor of the natural and creates around man's aura of purity and freshness. Eau de Toilette Givenchy Pi in the notes of the heart expressed in this "masculine" accent - a dizzying fresh pine needles combined with the warmth and richness of flavor of the Iron Wood tree. It's the smell of centuries-old forests, filled with the sun and the air, the smell of bitter meadow grass, flavor release and carefree days. Basic train of thought out to the smallest detail - a thin, faint shade of vanilla reveals a striking and unusual aroma of brown sugar, this tandem is emphasized elegant "bitter" almonds.

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