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Givenchy Organza

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Givenchy Organza

Givenchy Organza 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Mythical and sensual fragrance that embodies the feminine elegance, combined with boldness and clarity. actual fragrance that is based on artistic and cultural heritage of exceptional character, is a kind of link between past and future. Organza is a true monument that celebrates the eternal feminine. Mythical fragrance, a tribute to the Eternal Feminine, Organza is an ode to the absolute beauty of the woman. The emotion of perfume based on the purity and sensuality, sensuality and elegance. organza is fine, transparent material like chiffon, widely used in high fashion for its lightness. It evokes sensuality feminine party , cheerfulness and high touch Couture. Again, Givenchy declines facets of the eternal feminine with a timeless fragrance. As great works dedicated to women since the dawn of time, Givenchy speaks of the covenant of the past and future, Baroque and barbaric, for a timeless seduction. Pure and fresh in mind, it has the green sap, fresh honeysuckle and wood rose, white flowers of gardenia , tuberose, peony and ylang-ylang bloom on a warm background spicy oak guaiac wood, nutmeg, iris, cedar and sandalwood. Vanilla and amber contribute to its timeless and intense side, making it a feminine scent that the brand describes as a "sensual floral." Each one recognizes, Organza perfume is a mythical seduction.

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