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Givenchy Gentlemen Only

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Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Givenchy Gentlemen Only 100ml. Eau De Toilette is an elegant toilet water, created in the style of "neo-romanticism". It is a more modern and refined interpretation of the popular Gentlemen of 1974, which can be called an eternal classic composed of natural woody notes. Aroma is chosen by men who have an exquisite and excellent taste. Its owner is single-minded and confident, strong and noble. Spiritual and spicy Givenchy Gentlemen Only first birch with shades of mandarin, muscat and pink pepper. Further in the perfume melody there are sensual vetiver, cedar and patchouli. At the end of the composition, musk with incense is expressed, giving an alluring mystery and depth. Such a manly and rich perfume lurks in a delicate bottle of beautiful form. Elegant packaging, made in dark gray, successfully contrasts with a white label, where the name of the toilet water flaunts. Givenchy Gentlemen Only can not be called universal, but once he inhales, feel his refined aristocratic character, it becomes clear - this is a unique smell for real men. Being a real gentleman is a sort of art. It is necessary to be elegant, original and confident at the same time. The true gentleman is a fearless man who can act to ladies and can help them at all times. Gentleman recognizes the very good taste and the chosen behavior in every situation. Men's fragrance Givenchy Gentlemen Only is spicy and pleasantly spicy. Its introduction is made up of spicy pink pepper and sweet mandarin. This unique combination is complemented by charming leaves of birch and fine nutmeg. In the heart of the fragrance are hidden tones of warm cedar wood, exotic patchouli and a refreshing vetiver. Depth and sensuality adds Gentlemen's Toilet Water Only precious pure musk and charismatic incense. The unmistakable mens smell of Givenchy Gentlemen Only is very distinctive, charming, seductive and fresh. He can greatly underline your true gentleman's style. The Gentlemen Only fragrance, which was launched in 2013, is hidden in a modern bottle inspired by the classic plaque of English gentlemen. The bottle cap is made of cut metal. The Gentlemen Only Face became the popular Australian actor Simon Baker, who has made a number of unforgettable gentleman roles on the screen. Thanks to its innate sense of elegance and sophistication, it is the ideal representative of this scent. Do not hesitate to become a true gentleman at all times with a luxurious ladies fragrance Givenchy Gentlemen Only!

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