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Givenchy Gentleman

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Givenchy Gentleman

Givenchy Gentleman 100ml. Eau De Toilette is distinguished by its wake that evokes the elegance and its strong charismatic personality. Woody aromatic, this perfume signed Givenchy was specially created for men proud of their looks and personality. Givenchy Gentleman embodies the man of his time, which is a seducer with a strong character and confident. If this fragrance is for men, Aromatic Elixir is the female equivalent of the Givenchy Gentleman fragrance. Created in the 70s where cypress scents dominated the fragrant world of the time, this fragrance evokes a strong identity and a vibrant scent with its aromas. Then sniffs delicious spicy scent added a touch honeydew leather. Givenchy perfume brand has continued to arouse the curiosity of the public through its fragrances. Apart from its most prestigious clothing creations, Givenchy is known by its feminine fragrances and timeless, mythical male. Such is the case Givenchy Gentleman that was created by Hubert de Givenchy. A real little gem that delights the olfactory sense. With its powerful and elegant aroma, the fragrance evokes the values ​​of the gentleman. The choice to include patchouli was a success because this scent has kept audiences accustomed to this classic style added a touch of magnetic originality. Creative and always wanting to offer the best men, the brand Givenchy Gentleman perfume its class among his best commercial successes. Gentleman Givenchy fragrance is part of the cypress family and opts manly style, stylish while staying in sobriety. This perfume dedicated to modern men wake up top notes with a floral and spicy touch. This scent is created by the combination of honey, lemon, bergamot and rose slightly spiced with cinnamon. In the heart notes, we patchouli makes up more than half of this composition, iris, jasmine and cedar wood. Finally, the base notes, East and leather style appears through the vetiver, patchouli, amber and Russian leather that compose it. Through its strictly selected ingredients, the gentleman fragrance gives the skin a wake to sleek footprints.

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