Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'Eau

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'Eau

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Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'Eau

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'Eau 90ml. EDP feminine fragrance conceals secrecy, elegance and sensuality. It's made for mysterious women who can only catch their eyes. The bearer of this scent will feel confident and seductive at every step. Luxury Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'Eau fragrance opens with refreshing citruses to give you a great feeling full of energy and excitement. Pink tones in the heart of the scent will enchant you with its charm. Warm cedar, sensual musk and exotic patchouli will enhance your sex appeal. Experience the magic of attraction and experience the feeling of refreshing excitement! Dahlia Noir L'Eau fragrance flask is designed in a minimalist style that underlines the elegance of this very feminine composition. This is an incredibly refreshing toilet water, continuing the line called Dahlia Noir. She, like her predecessor, is endowed with a classic character, but differs in sensual delicacy. The fragrance is more vivid and fresh, inspired and elegant. Perfume Francois Demachy, who was working on another masterpiece, tried to reflect the subtle beauty of the non-existent tempting flower (black dahlia). Dahlia Noir L'Eau embodied the multifaceted and mysterious nature of the female soul, its tenderness and seductiveness, raging passion and crystal purity. First, the composition is opened with fresh chords of neroli and citrus, then pink petals are harmoniously intertwined in them. At the end, notes of patchouli, as well as extracts of musk and cedar, enveloping a refined aura sound. The luxurious elixir is enclosed in a vial that does not differ from its predecessor. Instead of a combination of black and pink, a greenish-silvery range was used, emphasizing the freshness and openness of the composition.

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