Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette

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Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette 100ml. - Elegant composition SI Eau de toilette by GIORGIO ARMANI is a true femininity, absolute sensuality, seductiveness and easy coquetry, enclosed in one bottle. Eau de toilette is addressed to a romantic person, open for a new love and with awe awaiting the onset of spring. She knows how to notice the beautiful side of the usual things, can watch the passers-by through the window for hours and gets a real pleasure from a cup of coffee with cream. This fresh, joyful, free, like a wind, romantic, energetic and youthful scent encourages you to liberate yourself, relax and boldly fly to meet your dream, finally say "yes!" To simple joys, hidden desires and independence! Chypre-floral composition of the presented toilet water is successfully built on contrasts. The exquisite toilet water "Si" from Armani due to the unique molecule "Neo Jungle Essence" opens with fresh exotic wood notes: harmoniously harmonized chords of black currant, mandarin, Italian bergamot, green pear and essential oil of neroli. In the heart of the fragrance are beautiful fragrances of a flower bouquet from freesia and the May Rose, and this base is completed by a base of wood amber, musk, amber notes, patchouli and vanilla. The train turns out simply magical: pink.

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