Giorgio Armani Code Profumo

Giorgio Armani Code Profumo

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Giorgio Armani Code Profumo

Giorgio Armani Code Profumo 60ml. EDP is a distillation of virility. Lush, breathtaking aroma creates an irresistible magnetic attraction. This perfume will be a great addition as a daily way, and sophisticated men's evening dress. Perfume Giorgio Armani Armani Code Profumo refers to a group of East-spicy aromas. The top notes of perfume you feel crisp ringing green apples, juicy mandarin and cardamom spice. Heart chord wrap you the freshness of lavender, nutmeg seductive bitterness and gentle sound of the orange blossoms. The final notes of leather, amber and tonka bean strengthen sensual fragrance, leaving a surprisingly stable loop. Spicy Parfum Armani Code for men Profumo on the market only since 2016, despite this, however, has already managed to gain popularity all active gentlemen. Now for them was the smell developed - do not be afraid to combine natural virility with joy of life. Pervasive smell spice mixture and the skin is nicely complemented by the ease fruity green apple and orange blossom. All this together creates an appropriately strong idea, but listening man whose company after all crave. Parfum Code Profumo, in addition to everyday perfectly suited for festive moments. For times when you want your loved ones to charm and reassure them that you are in support. Do not be afraid to be unique to Armani Code Profumo.

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