Giorgio Armani Code Cashmere

Giorgio Armani Code Cashmere

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Giorgio Armani Code Cashmere

Giorgio Armani Code Cashmere 75ml. EDP - The legendary fashion house, has long become a benchmark in the world of fashion Giorgio Armani industry presented a soft, warm and sensual fragrance Armani Code Cashmere. Over this intense aroma with a soft cashmere worked such famous perfumers Carlos Ben and Dominique Ropion, they seem to have written an incredibly beautiful oriental-floral melody that sounded notes of orange flower, leather, labdanum beautifully arched accents smoky aromas, hints of almonds and aroma of patchouli. Seductive and delicate, elegant and unique - this is the woman for whom the song was written perfume Giorgio Armani Armani Code Cashmere. Giorgio Armani Armani Code -parfumerie created wardrobe for women: handmade, refined and sophisticated. Dress code Armani, which started with Armani Code, and then in 2015 passed the baton Code Satin, today is Code Cashmere. Bright mosaic of contrasts Armani Code Cashmere like the softest warm blanket. This exquisite fragrance reserves the steady plume of orange blossom, jasmine sambac shaded. Unforgettable sensual chord complementary notes of heliotrope and iris. Flavor, starting with floral notes and rolling in an almost animal chord of genuine leather, suede and incense, is embodied in a saturated purple hue with a mysterious pink tints. Armani Code Cashmere - the brightest dress code collection Armani Code. Fragrance encompasses a story of love, trust and bliss, warmed amazing finale almond milk - a deep source of fragrant pleasure.

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