Fujiyama Homme Sport

Fujiyama Homme Sport

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Fujiyama Homme Sport

Fujiyama Homme Sport 100ml. Eau De Toilette by Succes De Paris, Fujiyama homme sport is fresh with hints of spice to add a bit of character . Sure to compliment your style, this 1995 cologne has top notes of citrus and a warm base filled with sandalwood, oak, and creamy woods. Fujiyama Homme Sport is a sweet perfume for the confident and focused 21st century man who is sensitive and loves sports. Created by the renowned house of Succes de Paris, Fujiyama Homme Sport will keep you smelling great all day long, but its unique scent will not overwhelm those in your proximity. The base of this fragrance features the woody notes of oak and sandalwood, and a blend of citrus notes for the middle and top parts adds sharpness. Launched in 1995, this cologne is recommended for daytime use.

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