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Fujiyama Green

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Fujiyama Green

Fujiyama Green 100ml. Eau De Toilette was created in 2001 by the design house of success de paris . A sharp fruity scent is perfect for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrus, sweet florals, green tea, sweet woods and bay leaves. At the beginning it opens very powerfully, almost sharp with very bright flash of Bergamot and little Lemon, which are gradually giving place to the Green Tea tone. The next stage - the Green Tea residues to clean soft Green Tea scent, together with Mint, but slightly supported from Lily of the valley, and almost invisibly accompanied by Cyclamen (or small garden bouquet from similar to the Cyclamen scent, flowers) So soft, so fresh, so green! Herbal, not tea, mixed with sugar, but pure herbal Green Tea! The Green Tea tone stays even in the base. It's more like tandem between Green Tea and Mint - very calm and the same moment uplifting! FUJIYAMA is very similar to GREEN TEA by Elizabeth Arden, but it's one tone calmer and softer. It's also little similar to THE VERT by Yves Rocher, but the last is more crystal-watery tea scent. FUJIYAMA is one of the best Green Tea scents, which you can find on the market! You can wear it day time, but also night time during Spring and Summer seasons. It changes its power with the environmental temperature. Very beautiful fragrance! I RECOMMEND IT!

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