Ferre Acqua Azzurra

Ferre Acqua Azzurra

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Ferre Acqua Azzurra

Ferre Acqua Azzurra 100ml. Eau De Toilette is one of the most famous perfumers - Mark Buxton. Fresh scent addressed brave and strong spirit to modern men, able to withstand any challenges, difficulties and temptations that presents their lives. Elixir Aqua Marine Ferre Azzurra tells the story of the journey to the mysterious places of Capri, where the bright rays of the sun gleaming mirror of the crystal sea waves. This incomparable flavor keeps memories of the blue sky, crystal clear water, as well as its strength. Refreshing, mysterious and seductive aroma of scented water Aqua Azzurra is best revealed in the warm season, perfect not only in the familiar office environment, but also in extreme travel in search of adrenaline. Sea wave music will give its owner a pleasant mood, emphasize the masculine character and leave a tempting trail of mystery. Top notes of the composition of toilet water Acqua Azzurra are a mixture of fine chords of bergamot, orange blossom and lavender, which immediately emphasize the vitality and freshness of this fragrance. The "heart" of the sea elixir reveals elegant bouquet of violet leaves, white rose and ginger. Enigmatic and mysterious trail of toilet water Acqua Azzurra presented chords of patchouli and guaiac wood, which emphasize the masculine temperament and charm, as well as the nature of Mediterranean flavor. Acqua Azzurra by Gianfranco Ferre reveals elegant aroma of citrus notes of bergamot and Bulgarian lavender, this duo will wake you in the sensuality and sentimental mood. In the "heart" of the composition disclosed bouquet of roses and Nepalese violet leaves, gently caring for the pieces of patchouli, which will leave trail of mystery and enigma. It was here the sirens bewitched their magical voices of sailors and carries them away in the dark depths of the sea. This perfume is a mysterious and seductive as this island. It was created for men who have a strong spirit and are willing to meet all the difficulties and dangers which are offered to them fate.

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