Ferrari Scuderia

Ferrari Scuderia

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Ferrari Scuderia

Ferrari Scuderia 125ml. Eau De Toilette is a new challenge, a new fragrance for real fans only. Treat yourself to a lifestyle rider team Ferrari, feel its energy and cold-blooded, living unique moments have become a testament to his irrepressible spirit. The new fragrance - a piece unique individuality rider. Scuderia Ferrari - pronounced masculine fragrance created for the successful and attractive men. For this athlete who achieves high results - the scent of racing Ferrari. Success, a magnetic attraction and passion entwined, forming a mouthwatering aroma Scuderia Ferrari. It reads quite a character and skill to achieve victory. Explosive, full of wild energy blend of green mandarin and Sicilian lemon with lavender and olive refinement invigorating freshness of mint is breathtaking for its purity and dynamism. However, triumphant anthem sounds heart of the composition. Fire black pepper, Ceylon cardamom and rosemary spiced Moroccan modicum mysterious Egyptian geranium and subtle hints of black tea. Solemn symphony dedicated to the winner, crowned by subtle notes of Lebanese cedar and guaiac wood, which subtly echo musk, tonka bean and amber east. Real flavor for unruly daring nature! Fragrance notes: lemon, tangerine, lavender, myataNota "Hearts": rosemary, pepper, geranium, black Base note: cedar, gvayyakovoe, musk, tonka bean, amber.

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