Ferrari Red Power Intense

Ferrari Red Power Intense

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Ferrari Red Power Intense

Ferrari Red Power Intense 125ml. EDT is an aromatic, fragrant woody fragrance for men, launched in 2014. Magic magic has won men who live unbridled life and appreciate their freedom. The upper tones of the scent will attack your senses with nutmeg, paprika and purple leaves. Medium tones will conquer you with lavender and the root of the iris. In your hearts you will be able to pour out the basic tones of patchouli, olibana, agar wood and amber. The Ferrari Red Power Intense must not miss a man who admires Ferrari luxury cars and loves a quick ride. With Ferrari Ferrari Red Power Intense, you will always be the winner! The elegant toilet water bottle embodies elegance and adorns the inherent brand logo - a wild Italian stallion. The smell will accompany you whenever you wish. Ferrari Red Power Intense is an elegant and very charismatic men's perfume from the famous Italian car brand Ferrari. This is a new, more vivid edition of the Perfume Red Power 2012. The composition begins with a delicate aroma of velvety violet leaves, a luxurious, spicy smell of nutmeg and a teasing, slightly explosive red pepper. The heart of the perfume is a delicate, fragrant lavender, an elegant fragrance of iris and a warm, slightly spicy chord of fresh patchouli leaves. The composition ends with a deep, harmonious aroma of wood of the sacred tree in the East and a light, sparkling amber. Chic, energetic, charismatic and incredibly stylish perfume for chic men who prefer luxury cars.

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