Ferrari Red Power

Ferrari Red Power

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Ferrari Red Power

Ferrari Red Power 125ml. Eau De Toilette - Energetic, multi-faceted and rich aroma is worthy of attention these men, because that's what this perfume can fully emphasize the strength of character and the presence of active life position. Winner of the Red Power Ferrari - athlete can not imagine my life without progress and conquest of more and more complex peaks. He knows that the secret to success - in an effort to, as well as fern perfume Red Power Ferrari. This dynamic fragrance opens sounding tones of bergamot and blood orange. Their freshness pick chords exciting lavender and spicy pink pepper, which gives the initial notes of urgency. "Heart" will open before you bright shimmering scented geranium, rosemary, bitter, burning cardamom and violet leaves. Flex fill space smells of musk, refined white cedar, patchouli and tonka bean, which have a pleasant sweet smell. Date of release : 2012 Country - manufacturer : Italy Gender : Male Classification of flavor : fern initial note : bergamot, red orange, lavender and pink pepper note " heart ": geranium, rosemary, cardamom and violet leaf final note : musk, patchouli, white cedar and tonka bean. For strong, charismatic, masculine men and magnetic. Seductive in nature. Mysterious and wild it is moved passion.  high class material, with the Cavallino Ferrari stamped to the bottle center, unique symbol of luxury cars. Unique style belonging to DNA Ferrari. A fragrance that brings together global codes of masculinity. This inexhaustible energy emphasizes the presence of red color in the design of the bottle. The aroma Ferrari Red Power traced notes of lavender, blend harmoniously with notes of grapefruit and igniting explosive red pepper. Successfully complete the fragrance of cardamom and geranium, creating its own special mood, well, patchouli and tonka bean leaves peculiar, unique loop.

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