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Ferrari Red

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Ferrari Red

Ferrari Red 125ml. EDT For Men - created under the logo of a true champion in 1996, is one of the most popular flavors that buy bold, confident men who are accustomed to achieve success in everything. Associated with the unbridled power of the elements, which does not require proof of their forces perfume Ferrari Red Man addressed strong half of humanity - men seeking to conquer and dominate. - Woody floral fragrance top notes reveal freshness of mint, bergamot, orange and galbanum, verbena underlined sweetish tartness. - Elegant heart notes of geranium, jasmine and orris shaded unobtrusive bitterness nutmeg. - Snazzy fragrant trail of musk, cedar, sandalwood and oak moss, vanilla flavored sweetness. A unique flavor for bold, bright and sensual men, give self-confidence and emphasize individuality. Energetic citrus composition was created in 1996. Classic daily choice. Suitable for daily use. Becoming the owner of perfume Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red, you also become a master of incredible speed and crazy adrenaline. This fragrance creates the image of brave, hot, impulsive and very charismatic man who considers the risk of a noble cause, and without powerful cars life will seem boring to him. He knows how to show their devotion and love, but never would limit their freedom. Top notes of the fragrance are owned bitter wormwood exciting, spicy pepper gray, and here there is a tinge of Brazilian cocktail "Caipirinha", which is drunk, dizzy, liberating and more heats the atmosphere. In the "heart" reveals the play of spicy, cool clary sage, lavender exciting and sounds mysterious and intriguing chord electrum. At the completion of the perfume opens plume resinous notes of cedar, tonka bean, which its rich vanilla and nutty scent with hints of cinnamon elevate mood, as well as the chords of the skin, which give a special perfume natural and sexy sound. Release Date: 2012 Country of origin: Italy Gender: Men's Classification of flavor: wood, citrus Top notes: Artemisia / wormwood, chord caipirinhas, gray pepper note "Hearts": clary sage, lavender, electrum chord final note: chord leather, cedar, tonka bean.

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