Ferrari Black Signature

Ferrari Black Signature

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Ferrari Black Signature

Ferrari Black Signature 125ml. Eau De Toilette - Simplicity and elegance, calm exterior, hiding explosive internal energy - this is the formula of toilet water Ferrari Black Signature. Italian craftsmen skillfully and gracefully embodied in this unsurpassed flavor all male desire to conquer new peaks and ladies' hearts. Adrenaline cocktail, woven of seductive fruit, fresh sea breeze and the languor of noble trees, gives a feeling of fullness and fine lines destroys all creation, through which paved the way to the daily victories. Juicy, tart, ripe grapefruit shimmers tastefully sweet green apple and anise who immediately converge in a raging dance triumph with tartness of nutmeg, leather and cashmere. Mad passion of the received energy refreshing tide, continuing its sound woody notes of cedar, vetiver and mysterious musk resistance. Fragrance captivates and makes everyone around obey your will, because it is you - the leader, before which there are no barriers to commit the most daring deeds and obtain the desired. It hides incredible energy and sexy shimmer uncontrollable emotions and experiences, and it is capable of sensuality maddening even the most persistent and moderate women. Ferrari Black Signature carries into manhood country with incredible speed and drive, perfume lights bright stars of emotionality in the image of a man brings reliability, confidence and a kind of aristocratic. The holder of this perfume is confident, he feels his own importance and success, enjoying life and receives a real pleasure. Fragrance highlights the strength and masculinity. Bouquet overflows with juicy notes that gradually acquire powerful and velvety sound base, it is in this particular sense of nobility and elegance.

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