Ferrari Black

Ferrari Black

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Ferrari Black

Ferrari Black EDT For Men 125 ml. Fragrance for men Ferrari Black stylish black appearance with the same distinctive logo of Ferrari, emphasizing that it belongs to the famous family. Ferrari Black for courageous, independent, self-confident men, bold and a bit conservative. Luxurious composition based on mixing the two opposites (harmony and mystery), revealed a wealth of fruit, flowers and precious wood. This enigmatic combination creates a deep rich flavor, created a wave of refreshing "Fresh" from honey plum, apple and lime green, and mesmerizing opium fragrance of jasmine and rose. Spicy spices and wood resin dissolved sensual haze and emphasize its noble origins. Date flavor: fern Top note: Lime, cliva, bergamot, red apple note "Hearts": cinnamon, jasmine, rose, cardamom Base notes: amber, vanilla, musk, cedar. Ferrari Black Eau de Toilette was first introduced in 1999, the year. Perfume belongs to the family of classical fern flavors. He's a bit tart, moderately sharp, passionate and eccentric. The nature of these spirits - a brutal and straightforward. decisiveness, strength, self-confidence, the will to win - all these qualities are inherent flavor owner accustomed to win and achieve their goals. Hardness of character, independence and genuine masculinity are reflected in the design of the bottle, aged in peremptory black.

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