Escada Turquoise Summer

Escada Turquoise Summer

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Escada Turquoise Summer

Escada Turquoise Summer 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a unique women's fragrance inspired by the feeling of freedom that will come whenever occurs during the summer, and with it the coveted days full of relaxation and comfort. Empty head without worries and escape to a place where everything is suddenly possible. Wild flowers, bright colors, fluttering butterflies and charming fragrance that pampered - welcome to paradise! Escape least a few moments of everyday life. Let the wind fluff your hair and enjoy the pleasantly warm rays of the sun on your skin. This unusually playful summer scent you into his world draws its refreshing fruity accords of black currant, pineapple and sparkling raspberry, which are complemented by fresh picked strawberries. The floral heart is hidden playful and magical violet tones of orange blossom. Everything is sprinkled with the sweetest juice from peaches. Conclusion smell Turquoise Summer Limited Edition is composed of seductive musk and creamy vanilla, which perfectly combines with woody notes of sandalwood. Embark on an adventure to discover hitherto unknown. This fragrance opens an imaginary door into summer. Take a step forward and be myself! The box smell Turquoise Summer Limited Edition you can notice the colorful drawings from designer Sarah Arnett, who perfectly captures the idea of ​​toilet water. Young woman with butterfly in her hair masquerading as a summer adventure and worry leaves behind. Butterfly as a symbol of effervescence, freedom, lofty thoughts and summer also appears on transparent turquoise bottle fragrance. Pink butterfly that settled on a silver neck of the bottle, it can also serve as an original ornament for summer! Unique fragrance Escada Turquoise Summer Limited Edition, which was launched in 2015, has a very playful, missing her carefree girlish note and also conceals a proper dose of sensuality. Let the surrounding real summer atmosphere anytime and anywhere with charming women's fragrance Escada Turquoise Summer Limited Edition!

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